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Whizz Kids Summer Activity Holiday Club

Frequently asked questions

What ages do we cater for?
We welcome all children between the ages of 4 – 12 generally. Please contact us if your child falls slightly outside this range. Should a child have special needs we would be pleased to discuss any concerns and how we can accommodate them.

Who will be supervising my child?
All staff are interviewed and hand picked by senior management, all have the skills and qualifications to ensure your children are in the best possible hands.
We pick them not only for their qualifications but also for their enthusiasm and character to ensure your children will have the greatest possible time. All staff are also DBS checked. The safety and happiness of your child is our number one priority.

Can my child be in the same group as their brother and sister or friend?
Yes, As long as the age difference isn’t too great we can arrange for them to be together. We want the children to have as much fun as possible. What makes them happy makes us happy.

What if my child is ill or has an accident at Whizz Kids?
We have qualified First Aiders on site. In the rare event of a serious accident parents will be informed immediately and first aid action will be taken accordingly. If your child feels ill during the day they will be advised to take part in our more gentle activities and kept a close eye on. If our experienced staff feels necessary, parents will be informed.

What are the pick up and drop off times?
Our normal day is 09.00am and collection is 16.45pm, however, if you have paid for Early Bird and Late Leaver sessions then drop off is 08.15am and pick up is 17.45pm.

Do we give discount for more than one child?
Unfortunately not as we have a strict Instructor to child ratio to ensure safety and quality for your child.

Can they come for half days?
The answer is yes, however, you will still have to pay for the whole day, as your child will be occupying one space out of the total for the day.

Is our timetable fixed?
The activities in bold on the timetable are fixed for each day, the free choice is chosen each day between the staff and children, the day is then planned.

What is the id or code on collection policy?
We run a Photo Identification or issue a code with the safety aspect in mind for a) your child b) our staff, so from now on we will be either issuing a code or asking for ID from anybody other than mum, dad, grandma or grandad.
At registration every day you will be asked who is picking up, if it’s yourself who dropped them off then you won’t need ID or a code, however, if it’s somebody different e.g. family friend, Auntie, uncle ect then you will leave there name in the box on the register and we will either ask for photo ID or issue a code to get from them on collection.
Its the clubs decision if they wish to ask for ID or give you a code however if one of them is easier than the other for you then you can choose you prefered option just ask when signing in.

Do we accept childcare vouchers or child tax credits?
We are able to accept all Childcare Vouchers and child tax credits, please call for more details, we are not set up with all companies so please let us know and we will set up with whoever your company works with, the process is very quick and easy.

Are you Ofsted registered ?
We are on the voluntary childcare register and our Registration number is EY440233

Why are we only on the voluntary Ofsted register ?
Whizz Kids is exempt from the compulsory register, due to the nature of the club we are considered teaching and coaching not childcare. We are exempt under section 11 of the Ofsted "not requiring registration" document. An information pack is held at the club with more information if you wish to view it on drop off or collection.

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"Bede (aged 6) thoroughly enjoyed his two days at Whizz Kids.  As an only child he really relishes spending play time with older children.  Attending Whizz Kids makes him feel very grown up.  He thinks that your staff are 'cool' and enjoys the games they organise. He always comes back thoroughly exhausted!  I like the fact that the children play outside as much as possible."

"My two children - Emily and Charlie - thoroughly enjoyed their time with you at Whizz Kids this summer. The staff were very pleasant and approachable both to child and adult."

Whizz Kids Holiday Club
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